Hello My Name is Monique CEO of Pretty Moe, LLC. I Started Pretty Moe in 2022 . I Started my Brand because I wanted to help others like myself to have a way to show self-Expressions and self love. I put hardwork and dedication into my Brand. I want to help as many people as i can through T-shirts, Mugs, Planners, or Journals. I want people to connect to my brand through Self- Love and Self- Expression. Self-Love and Self-Expression is hard for some people and it was also hard for me that is why i started my brand to give me an outlet and to connect with people on their Self- Love and Self - Expression Journey. PrettyMoe Squad is a Squad to help support Self Love and Self Expression.

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  • Monique- CEO of Pretty Moe

    Discover the power of self-love and self-expression with Prettymoe. Embrace your true beauty and unique style.